An Incredible Amazon Vacation

An Amazing Amazon Trip

You will have a special experience with us thanks to all the founders being scientists dedicated to educate, preserve and entertain with exceptional Peruvian cuisine, a beautiful lodge, and a great primary Amazon rainforest location enriched with the best wildlife viewing around Iquitos. All that and the unique personal attention given to you by assigning an experienced and friendly private guide dedicated to you will ensure you will have an unforgettable Amazon vacation.

Grand Amazon Lodge and Tours Founders

The Founders

We are genuinely passionate about animals, the forest and the local people. We also love teaching visitors about the environment and giving them an amazing experience they would never forget. Alfredo Dosantos B.S., a native born in Iquitos, is a biologist dedicated to animal conservation. He has worked for World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana (IIAP), and also has been a lead guide for may years. He loves photography and many of the pictures on this website are taken by him. Daniel Aizenman B.S. is also a biologist who who did his first degree at University of California at Davis in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior, and is currently studying in Miami University and the San Diego Zoo for a masters in conservation biology. As part of his studies, he is currently examining the effect of Eco-tourism in the area and preliminary results suggest it has a positive effect on conservation.  Patrizia Marchese PhD and Yair Aizenman PhD are also both biologists. Patrizia graduated from Universita Degli Studi Di Genova in Italy and Yair graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Patrizia has been a staff scientist at Scripps Research in La Jolla studying both blood and brain for over 27 years. Yair is a neuroscientist currently working on a book about how the brain explains us all, including our emotions and social interactions. Yair and Patrizia are studying together the medicinal effects of a tree sap local to our area of the Amazon from the Croton Lecheri tree known as Dragon Blood. Gabriel Aizenman is studying computer science at University of California Santa Cruz and helps in website setup. 

We are here for the community, the flora and the fauna and we are grateful to have the opportunity in helping conserve the Amazon rainforest. We supply medicine to the village, give them logistic support whether is transportation or help with pushing away loggers. By providing them work in the lodge we, and you through visiting us, we give the locals alternative to hunting and logging. For all of us this Lodge is a work of love. 

The Location


After two years of searching the Peruvian Amazon for the best location, we chose to build the lodge near the village of San Juan de Yanayacu because of the enormous biodiversity in the area and the care the locals already have for the environment. San Juan belongs to Tamshiyacu-Tahauyo communal reserve which has an incredibly high level of biodiversity. More than 10 species of monkeys and over 600 species of birds, as well as two species of dolphins, capybaras, sloths and many other animals call the area home. This stands in contrast to most other lodges around Iquitos that are found in secondary forest where wildlife is scarce. We are also located near the place where the Amazon river – the largest river in the world – officially begins. The place is called Ucamara and is were the Ucayali and Marinion rivers meet. We can bring you there if you are interested for a fee to cover the gasoline and the driver. Ucamara is also bordering Pacaya Samiria National Park. 

There is another important reason why we choose to build the lodge here. The water in the Yanayacu river are black and acidic and the mosquitoes that carry malaria, yellow fever, and Zica do not live in this water. Thus, you will not get any of these illnesses in Grand Amazon Lodge.

The Private Guides

We provide a private guide for each separate reservation. This is most important. You are here only a limited amount of time, and to get the most of it, it is best to have someone that will go at your own pace and spend more time in the things that are interesting to you. With the private guide you can modify the itineraries to focus on what you are most passionate about. Also with the smaller quieter group you tend to see more wildlife and have a more personal experience with the local guide, asking what you would like to learn about. Check out our various tours.   

The Culinary Experience

Having Peruvian and Italian cofounders who love good food, the cuisine in our lodge is no ordinary experience. It is a joy to the eyes and symphony to the palate and an introduction to the Peruvian culture. Our passionate and creative chef, Marco, does a great job coming up  with new delicious dishes everyday.

The Lodge

All the rooms were built with river-view, and the whole wall towards the river has been covered with a mesh to provide best ventilation and view while keeping the mosquitoes out. Every room has its own bathroom, balcony, hammock, decorated cover with an animal picture, and animal pictures and views of the area on the walls. The common areas include a lounge and octagonal dinning room with a high ceiling and an original Canoe bar. Check out our lodge.

In Conclusion:

We design the tours and the lodge to be the best. All tours are done with private guide dedicated to you, and every room has a river-view and balcony with hammock. All of this is found in a primary raiforest with high level of biodiversity and with excellent peruvian cuisine, aiming to give you an amazing experience!


Grand Amazon Lodge & Tours

Coordinates: -4.31485, -73.302

This lodge is located 150 km (90 mi) up the Amazon River from Iquitos, in Paraiso, Loreto, Peru.

Grand Amazon Lodge & Tours Office

Calle Union 205, P.J. 9 de Octubre
Iquitos, Peru

Grand Amazon Tours

12707 High Bluff Drive, San Diego, California 92130, USA


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