Amazon Travel & Tour Questions

Find here answers to your amazon trip questions:

Lodge and Stay

What is included in my stay?

All the below is included with your booking a bungalow at Grand Amazon Lodge:

  1. All meals at our lodge (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  2. All adventures or excursions you would like to do (Usually 3 activities a day, morning, evening, and night)
  3. A private guide that will stay with you the entire time and personalize your trip so you get what you want out of the experience.
  4. Private bungalow with balcony, hammock, bathroom, and river front view
  5. 24/7 access to our coffee and tea area and of course drinking water.
  6. WiFi – cannot guarantee during pandemic
  7. Transportation to and from the Iquitos Airport or your Iquitos Hotel

Some special activities, such as backpacking or honeymoon experience, require prior planning. Contact us for more information. 

How will I get from the lodge from/to the airport or my accommodation?

If you book the Grand Amazon Lodge, your private English/Spanish-speaking guide will greet you at the airport when your flight arrives in the morning before 2:00 pm. There is less than an hour an half drive through secondary Amazon jungle and an hour and half boat ride on the Amazon river and the Yanayacu river to reach the lodge in the middle of pristine, primary rainforest. If your flight arrives after 2:00 pm, you will have to stay in an Iquitos hotel, which we can arrange for you, and start your tour the next day. We will pick you up from an hotel at 11:00 am. The earliest you can leave the lodge is at 6:00 – 7:00 am arriving in the airport around 9:00-10:00 am. Please plan your departure flight after 12:00 am if you want to go from the lodge directly to the airport. Otherwise we can arrange an accommodation in Iquitos for your last night.

If you want to stay in the city and tour Iquitos, we can also arrange all travel packages for you there. Be sure to check out all of the various itineraries that we offer.

Will I get Malaria? Do I need to see a travel doctor?

Always see and listen to a travel doctor before coming to our lodge and make sure you get the recommended shots when travelling to Peru in general. We are on an Amazon Tributary known as Yanayacu, or black water river. That means the pH of our water does not support the mosquitos that carry malaria, zika, dengue, or other deadly illnesses. You can not get malaria at our lodge location. However, there is always a small chance these Mosquitoes exist in the town of Iquitos (where you will be landing) and on the way traveling to the lodge. For this reason, any lodge that claims there is no chance to get sick from mosquitoes while visiting the Peruvian Amazon is technically only speaking of the location of the lodge, like ourselves. Again, always listen to a travel doctor and get travelers insurance before coming.

As for personal experience: Dani, one of our co-founders, has gotten all the recommended vaccines but does not take malaria pills while working in the Amazon because he reacts badly to the medication and the chance of getting it are very small.

Mosquitoes still exist in our area, so still bring and wear repellent!

Where exactly are you located?

Grand Amazon lodge is located on the Yanayacu Tributary off the Amazon River in San Juan de Yanayacu, a village part of the Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve (ACRCTT). We are in the middle of Primary Rainforest. San Juan de Yanayacu puts extra protections on their land that are even more stringent than on the reserve itself, meaning that the animals come closer because they feel safer and that you see more biodiversity in our area when compared to other lodges in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve or ACRCTT locations. It is a really unique spot because the community works with ecotourism to coexist with nature.

Grand Amazon Tours Office is located in San Diego California, USA. By having a USA base, you can rest assured that credit card transactions are handled safely through Stripe and that we hold high standards for both countries.

What are the accommodations like?

We provide hotel accommodation in Iquitos, Peru along with our Grand Amazon Lodge in the middle of the Amazon jungle. At the lodge, each room comes with a private balcony, a hammock, and a complete bathroom. 

We provide free WiFi in the common areas and 24 hours electricity. Being in the middle of the Amazon the WiFi is not fast. 

The showers run at a cool temperature but since the weather gets hot and humid, they will be refreshing! No hot water is available due to energy constraints in the middle of the jungle. As we don’t recommend drinking the sink water, we provide every room with a fresh water pitcher and free drinking water, coffee and tea in the dining room that is accessible at all times.

Your stay will include meals for your party along with a private guide. For those of you seeking the thrill of backpacking into the Amazon, we provide backpacking tents, sleeping mats, and food for your expedition.                                                              Please note that the minimum age is six years old. 

Is there free WiFi at the lodge?

Yes. You can communicate with friends and family. 

Why name "Grand Amazon Lodge & Tours"

With the world’s largest freshwater source and being the largest rainforest in the world, Grand is a perfect word to describe the Amazon. Since our beautiful lodge is located here and our goal is to give incredible tours to discover the Amazon, we decided to go with the name Grand Amazon Lodge and Tours.


Should I get travelers insurance?

Yes! We always recommend travelers insurance since they can help you with any accidents, including injuries, illness, and sometimes even flight delays depending on your travelers insurance.

Where is the nearest hospital?

We are 150km upstream the Amazon River from Iquitos, meaning the nearest hospital is roughly three hours away from us under good weather conditions and travel situations. We are a remote location in the middle of the jungle in primary rainforest.

What do I need to bring and pack?

When you reserve, ask us for a recommended packing list and we will send you over one by email! However, some things we recommend bringing are:

sunscreen, insect repellent, biodegradable or natural shampoo and soap, and a camera. Long sleeves and lightweight clothes to protect from sun and insects but stay safe from heat. It’s important to bring all of your medications and prepare for any issues or allergies accordingly.

Bring some cash for tips and purchases at the bar. (while tips are entirely up to your discretion, the common tip amount is 5-10 dollars per day per person for the guide and same amount to divide among all the stuff equally)  

 Don’t forget your enthusiasm!

Still need more information?

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