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Make Your Trip to the Amazon Raiforest Special

Let us know if you celebrating special occasion and we will make it special. Or if your interests lie in the culture, medicinal plants, photography, fishing, birding, canoeing or seeing the dolphins, we will make sure that you enjoy yourself the way you like it. 

Honeymoon, Anniversaries and Birthdays

Tell us what you celebrating and we will do our best to make it special. From your room decoration to champagne, or a cake, to special sunset cruises. Just let us know in the note section of your reservation. It is all free. We really want you to have a great time. 

Bird Watching

Let us know if birds are your passion. We will assign to you an expert bird watching guide to you who will get up before sunrise to look for birds like the hoatzin or the endangered currasaw which can only be seen in the Iquitos area near our lodge. We suggest at least the 5 days / 4 night tour since you will also visit Terra Firma eco-system where other birds are found that do not reside in flooded forest. Just leave us a note with your reservation and we will arrange for the appropriate guide. 


If you love fishing, we have Quite a few lakes and streams to fish from. There is a wide variety of fish. The pirahanas are fun to fish, but the pecock bass is probably the tastiest. Irrispective of what you catch, our expert chef can cook them for you in a way that you can really enjoy. Mention to us in your reservation note, or simply tell your private guide, and he can arrange that you will spend as much time as you want fishing while you are staying with us on any tour.  


We love taking pictures. All these picture on this website as well as the ones decorating the lodge rooms were taken by us, the founders, with the majority of them taken by Alfredo Dosantos – the general manager of the lodge who has publish some of his pictures in a book he authored. You can ask your guide to go as slow as you need and stay as much as you want when the object that you want to cupture well is in sight. If Alfredo is around he would be more then happy to share some of his experiences. The guide can also search for the subject you are most interested in catching, be it a monkey or a dolphine or a chiba tree or an amazing sunset.

Amazonian Village

 You may be curious about the people who live in the amazon and their village stracture. It may be that you just want to see how they live and learn more about them. You may be interested in the hancraft offered by the women only consortium in the village. Or you might want to donnate school supply, or medicins or even soccer balls. The village of San Juan de Yanayacu is were most of our workers come from and we also help them directly with medicines, school supply and community construction work, but some of the help have been provided directly by our visitors. It feels good to help in a constructive way.

Medicinal Plants

If you are interested in medicinal plants  you can ask your guide to take you on more hikes so you get close to more vegitation. We can also arrange for you to meet the elderly shamen in the village who is an expert in healing people with a variety of plants found in the Jungle. Just let us know ahead of time in a note in your reservation so we can arrange for that to happen.


We have a number of Canoes that were made by the villagers near our lodge. Canoeing provide a more quite way to enjoy nature. Moving slowly and quitely in the rainforest provide a special opportunity to notice the beauty of the trees you are navigating through and catch some wildlife in action. Just mention to your guide that you would like to do some canoeing and he will be more than happy to do it with you.


If you have a favorite animal, and the pink and gray dolphins seems to be a favorite with some of our visitors, just tell your guide and he can try to go where he may find them. Just remember, the animals are free in the rainforest, we are visiting their home, and they are allowed to move freely. It is one thing to see an animal in the zoo where there is certainty about seeing them. In the wild there is no certainty, but it is beautiful seeing the animals going about their lives and roaming freely. Due to the high concetration of animals in the vicinity of the lodge we are sure you will see widlife, but we can’t tell exactly which animals you will see during your stay with us. The longer you stay, the more variety of animals you will see. 

Victoria Amazonica

Victoria Amazonica is the largest lily in the world. Some of the times of the year it grow near our lodge in one of the lakes. Other times of the year we find it down the river in another lake. The time of the year that it grows near by we take everyone there, but if you come in a time that it died in the lake nearby, ask your guide and he can bring you a little further to show you the Victoria Amazonica.