Personalized Amazon Rainforest Vacations

Celebrating Special Occasions

Honeymoon & Anniversary or just celebrating love and life!

Celebrate a life filled with adventure and love in the heart of the Amazon Jungle at our lodge. We will provide you with a sunset champagne boat ride, a surprise bed setup, a bottle of champagne or wine for your room, and upon request breakfast for two in bed. Just add the Lover’s package during your booking reservation.

Birthdays &
Congratulatory events

Whether it is a Happy Birthday or celebration of an achievement, let us know! We will supply the cake for free so you can enjoy your day with us.

Animal Interest

Green-backed trogon male Peruvian Amazon Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve


With over 600 species of birds recorded in the area – It is truly a bird watcher’s paradise. Every bird has their preferred habitat though, and some private guides will know more scientific names and bird spotting than others. Contact us before your stay so we can pair you with one of our specialized guides in bird watching. We recommend a minimum of 5 Days / 4 Nights for birders so you have time to visit different habitats and see the most species possible. We can make a specialized bird itinerary for endangered bird searching as well – such as the wattled currasow.

Howler Monkey and Baby Howler Monkey at Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve on Yanayacu Tributary


Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Communal Reserve is the home for over 10 species of monkey. If you are looking for these, than you are in the right place. San Juan de Yanayacu is the perfect area to explore in because the locals have put even more stringent protection on the environment than in other areas, meaning monkeys will get closer to you and be more visible than in other areas of the reserve. They know they can trust people here to leave them be!

Frogs or Reptiles

Choose our 5 day / 4 Night stay or 4 day / 3 night stay as a minimum and contact us before so we can make sure to include San Pedro Terra Firme to your trip, so you can see poison dart frogs. Have a super reptile experience in mind? Let your guide know and he will search for all your heart desires.

Tucuxi Amazon River Dolphins on the Amazon river with slight pink coloration near Iquitos Peru


Dolphins can be tricky to see, but increasing your trip stay length will drastically help your chances of seeing pink or gray river dolphins (fun fact, the gray ones are sometimes pink!). We do offer the possibility to swim with them, but remember they will probably just be minding their own business and fishing. We recommend a minimum 4 Days / 3 Nights stay for a solid chance to see them.

Hobby Oriented


Peacock Bass, Piranha, Bocuchico, Oscar Fish, Dragon Fish, species of cat fish, and many other fun game fish live in our area. Come in Low water season, such as November, for the best game fishing experience. As the water level dies down, the water exits to the Amazon and the lakes shrink, filling the lakes with an incredibly high density of fish.


So much to see and do! With your private guide, you can take the time you need for that perfect shot. Make sure to let your guide know, or let us know beforehand, that you will be interested in photographing as much as possible. We are a great place for macro photography as well!

Medicinal Plants & Botanical

Let us know beforehand so we can pair you with a guide also interested in plants! We have latex trees, Ferdelance-weeds, and plenty of medicinal plants wild and around certain trails. Want a more specialized experience? Add the Shaman day to your option and take a walk with him as he explains you plants in the area, or see his special collection of herbs and he will tell you how they are used medicinally.

Swimming in the Amazon River

Swim in the biggest river in the world. Many times dolphins may swim near by.