It’s time to finally take that trip to South America that you’ve been dreaming about. Sleeping in a serene bungalow, spotting majestic wildlife, and unlocking the secrets of the Amazon are only some of the incredible experiences you can enjoy at the Amazon Discovery Lodge. Exotic adventures await you in the depths of the jungle, and all you need to do is choose your Amazon experience. Meals, tours, and lodging are all included in your reservation, so what are you waiting for?

Conservation and Community

Amazon Discovery Lodge was designed to be completely environmentally friendly. We are proud to give back to our community through construction, transportation, and medical supplies. We also hire locals to staff our programs with the goal of spreading the word about how we can help preserve the cherished Amazon ecosystem and biodiversity.

Amazon Tour Ideas

At our Amazon Peru Lodge, we offer a variety of tours that are both fun and educational. Check out some of the Amazon tour options below.

Fast and Furious

This tour lasts 3 days and is our shortest Amazon tour. After being picked up at the Iquitos Airport, you will get to see Ucamara, where the Amazon River begins, and continue on to the Yanayacu River. You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the pink dolphins and tropical birds that live in this area. From here, we head into the lush jungle where the Amazon Discovery Lodge awaits. The next two days include hikes, boat rides, and expert tour guides, and you will get to see monkeys, macaws, marmosets, and more.

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Adventure Seeker

This 4-day tour begins in a similar manner to the 3-day tour but quickly kicks it up a notch. Watch for wildlife like iguanas, sloths, and anteaters during your jungle hikes, or try to spot the endangered Wattle Curassow bird that can’t be found in any other part of the world. You’ll also have opportunities to fish for piranhas, visit an artisanal art market in a nearby village, and see Ceiba trees.

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Amazon Immersion

The Amazon Immersion tour lasts for 5 days and adds an excursion to San Pedro, which is on Terra Firma, meaning it is an area that never gets flooded by the rising Amazon River. Look for poisonous frogs, see how the villagers make rum from sugar cane, and feed the Piche (largest fresh-water fish in the world) and the yellow-spotted turtle.

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Discovery Experience

The Discovery Experience Amazon Tour is 6 days long and packed with even more excursions, hikes, night hikes, and boat rides. The final day features an early morning boat ride to witness the animals waking up and getting their day started. You will also have more time to look for animals and birds you haven’t seen yet.

Become an Amazonian

This 7-day tour includes everything from the previous tours, plus more leisure time and even more opportunities for participating in excursions and spotting elusive wildlife. Enjoy every last minute of your stay in the beautiful Amazon.

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Birdwatcher Getaway

This 5-day avian experience is included as part of the 5-day Immersion tour. Our expert guides will help you spot as many local bird species as possible and provide a list of birds to look for. Our bird experts have spotted nearly 200 different species for you to hunt with your camera during your stay. For many of these, you don’t even have to leave the area around the lodge and your bungalow. Visitors have spotted them from their balconies, and even while lounging in hammocks.

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Amazon Peru Lodge

Book your Amazon tour package and trip to our Amazon Peru Lodge today! All of our trips include transportation from the Iquitos Airport, a bungalow overlooking the river, all meals, and private guides. Speak to our guides about modifying any of our trip outlines to fit your needs or preferences.