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If you’re looking for some amazing options when it comes to Amazon trips in Peru, book a trip with Amazon Discovery Tours. We offer an immersive way to experience the Amazon by providing both lodging and guided tours. Our Amazon Discovery Lodge is located near Iquitos. We offer tours in the scenic surrounding area as well as in the city.

All-Inclusive Experience

When you book a stay at our Grand Amazon Lodge & Tours, you’ll have access to a variety of amenities to ensure your trip is smooth-sailing. Our bungalow room with two single beds is an all-inclusive package, so along with your lodging, your meals and transportation throughout your stay will be covered. Transportation from the airport to the hotel is available between the hours of 7:00 am and 2:00 pm. Our all-inclusive package also includes access to all the Amazon Discovery Tours with a private guide. Your guide can help you personalize your itinerary based on your unique preferences.

Private Bungalow Room

Our private bungalow rooms reflect the nature of the Amazonian rainforest with wooden walls and floors. Each of our rooms is also decorated with photos of the picturesque rainforest landscape and even the bedding adds to the rainforest ambiance with beautiful Amazon-inspired designs.

Each of our rooms is right on the riverfront, so no matter which room you choose, you’ll be sure to have an excellent view. Our rooms come equipped with a bathroom, a closet, and a private balcony. After a day of touring, you can relax on your balcony in your own provided hammock! The balcony is separated from your room by a mesh wall, so you can also enjoy the scenery and sounds of the rainforest from the comfort of your bed. When you want your privacy, you can simply pull down the shades.

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If you’re looking for Amazon tours in Peru, book a trip with Amazon Discovery Tours. We take the stress out of planning by offering all-inclusive packages for lodging, tours, and everything you need. Our bungalow room with two single beds requires a minimum stay of two nights. Book your trip today using the promo code 25OFF to receive 25% off your reservation cost!

Amazon Discovery Tours is a premier provider of Amazon eco-tours in Peru. We are dedicated to supporting the community around us in order to help sustain and enrich the area.