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Amazon Rainforest Lodge Near Iquitos, Peru

Gran Amazon Lodge

What better way to enjoy your personalized tour of the Amazon Rainforest than to immerse yourself in it? Grand Amazon Lodge & Tours is located along the river in the middle of pristine, primary rainforest.  The area, Tamshiyacu-Tuhuayo Reserve, is known for its rich wildlife biodiversity. The beautiful lodge—handcrafted by the locals—  is the perfect location to return to after a long day out exploring the jungle. The tranquility, the sights of birds, the occasional monkey, and the sound of the jungle at night are all integral parts of your experience.

Il bungalow

Beautiful wood and decoration

River-front Bungalow

River-view balcony 

Modern bathrooms

Le aree comuni

The Octagonal Dinning Room

The Canoe Bar

The launge

The Solar Panels and WiFi

La posizione

The lodge is surrounded by pristine, primary rainforest

In the area of San Juan de Yanayacu belonging to the Tamshiyacu-Tuayaho Reserve

the area is renown for it biodiversity of wildlife 

Le guide e gli abitanti del villaggio

The Lodge is new but the Guides are experienced -10 years on the average

The Villagers – instead of hunting they run the lodge 

Helping the villagers

The Cuisine

Passionate Chef

Delicious Peruvian Cuisine

Prenota un bungalow oggi

When you book a Bungalow it includes not just all transportation and meals, but also a private guide and the tours described in the tour pages. 

Booking a Bungalow is the same as booking a tour! When you book a Bungalow you get a tour and when you book a tour you get a Bungalow. Either ways you get both a bungalow and a tour.

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