The Fast and Furious Amazon Excursion: 3 Days / 2 Nights

Your Private Tour is All-Inclusive.

Your tour includes a private experienced guide, all delicious meals, river-view bungalow with a bathroom, a balcony and a hammock, transportation from Iquitos airport/hotel and 3 excursions per full day.

Typical Itinerary for 3 days / 2 nights

You can ask your guide  to go at a fast pace or a relax mode and focus on what interest you the most.

Day 1

Arrivo – 7:00 am and 3:00 pm pick up at Iquitos airport, or at 11:00 am from your Iquitos Hotel. 

Visit CREA – the largest wildlife rehabilitation center in Iquitos featuring manatees, various monkeys, giant river otters, yellow-spotted turtles and many others.

Riding to Grand Amazon Lodge – An hour and half drive and one hour boat ride on the Amazon river.

Afternoon Excursion – Hike or a boat ride exploring the enormous number of animals and vegetation all around, from monkeys to birds, from dolphins to sloths. 


Night Excursion – You will be taking a boat ride or a night hike to see nocturnal animals such as caimans, bats, frogs, nocturnal birds, and the night monkey.

Day 2


Escursione mattutina – Hike one of our 10 trails and learn about medicinal and industrial plants. Look for the smallest of the monkeys – the pigmy marmaset, capuchins and titi monkeys. You are bound to encounter some birds and other creatures like lizards, iquanas and butterflies.


Afternoon Excursion – Take a boat ride up the Yanayacu river or explore one of the 10 lakes around us looking for wildlife such as brown capuchins, squirrel monkeys and howler monkeys, and hundreds of species of birds like macaws, toucans, horned screamers, and varieties of kingfishers and hawks. Enjoy a beautiful sunset over lake Moena.


Night Excursion – Enjoy a boat ride or night hike to search for nocturnal creatures. If you prefer, you can also relax at the canoe bar or in your private bungalow.

Day 3


Escursione mattutina – Take a boat ride to see the Victoria Amazonica – the largest lily in the world, and the Hoatzin birds. 


Back to Iquitos – One-hour boat ride and hour and half car ride back to Iquitos airport or an hotel, arriving around 4:00pm. (For those needing to catch an earlier flight, the earliest we can make it back to Iquitos airport is 10:00 am to catch a 12:00 pm flight.) 

Your Private guide is dedicated to your interest. You can modify the itinerary above and ask him to focus on any of the following activities:

Boat Ride



Osservazione uccelli

Dolphin Expedition

Swimming in the Amazon River (possibly with dolphins)

Monkey Expedition

Piante medicinali

Victoria Amazonica Lilies

Villaggio Amazzonico



Reptiles Expedition

Other Wildlife Expedition

Night Boat rides

Night Hikes

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Un'avventura intensa

Esplora la incontaminata foresta pluviale amazzonica in Perù per il vacanza avventura di una vita. C'è così tanto da vedere nella tentacolare giungla lussureggiante, ma se hai solo pochi giorni e vuoi ottenere il massimo dal tuo viaggio, ti consigliamo l'escursione veloce e furiosa. Questo pacchetto avventura è stato progettato per colpire i punti salienti, dandoti un assaggio dell'Amazzonia peruviana e della bellezza, della fauna selvatica e dell'avventura che ha da offrire.

Il Gran Amazon Lodge and Tours’ Fast and Furious Excursion spans 3 days and 2 nights. Thanks to your private guide, the adventures and excursions are entirely customizable, but Grand Amazon tours recommends the included itinerary below for a unique Amazon Adventure:

An Adventure Package to Remember

L'escursione veloce e furiosa offrirà ai visitatori un assaggio del meglio che l'Amazzonia ha da offrire, pieno di escursioni, gite in barca e avvistamenti di animali selvatici. Ti verrà assegnata una guida privata che ti assisterà durante il tuo soggiorno e questa guida può adattare le attività in base al tuo interesse e alle tue capacità. Tutte le attività menzionate nell'itinerario sono soggette a modifiche in base al tempo, alla logistica e ad altre condizioni locali.

We can’t wait to be a part of your Amazon adventure. Chiamaci oggi to book your next trip!