Frequently Asked Questions About the Amazon Jungle

Get ready for a once in a lifetime adventure with our great amenities in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. We understand that traveling with a peace of mind is of the essence, so here are our answers to your Amazon Travel & Tour Questions to help you plan your trip.

Amazon Travel & Tour Questions

  1. Wie sind die Unterkünfte?

    Wir bieten Hotelunterkünfte in Iquitos, Peru zusammen mit unserem Grand Amazon Lodge mitten im Amazonas-Dschungel. Jedes Zimmer in der Lodge verfügt über einen eigenen Balkon, eine Hängematte und ein komplettes Badezimmer. 

    We provide free W-lan in the common areas und 24 hours electricity. Being in the middle of the Amazon the WiFi is not fast. 

    The showers run at a cool temperature but since the weather gets hot and humid, they will be refreshing! No hot water is available due to energy constraints in the middle of the jungle. As we don’t recommend drinking the sink water, we provide every room with a fresh water pitcher and free drinking water, coffee and tea in the dining room that is accessible at all times.

    Your stay will include meals for your party along with a private guide. For those of you seeking the thrill of backpacking into the Amazon, we provide backpacking tents, sleeping mats, and food for your expedition.                                                              Please note that the minimum age is six years old. 

  2. Wie komme ich von und zum Flughafen zu meiner Unterkunft?

    If you book the Grand Amazon Lodge, your private English/Spanish-speaking guide will greet you at the airport when your flight arrives in the morning before 2:00 pm. There is less than an hour an half drive through secodary Amazon jungle and an hour and half boat ride on the Amazon river and the Yanayacu river to reach the lodge in the midlle of pristine, primary rainforest. If your flight arrives after 2:00 pm, you can arrange with us to stay at a hotel in Iquitos for the night, as we do not sail the Amazon river at night. We will pick you up from an hotel at 11:00am. The earliest you can leave the lodge is at 6:00am arriving in the airport before 9:00am. Please plan your departur flight after 11:00am if you want to go from the lodge directly to the airport. Otherwise we can arrage an accommodation in Iquitos for your last night.

    Wenn Sie in der Stadt bleiben und Iquitos besichtigen möchten, können wir dort auch alle Reisepakete für Sie arrangieren. Schauen Sie sich unbedingt alle an verschiedene Reiserouten die wir anbieten, oder rufen Sie uns unter 1-858-435-0234 an.

  3. What should I bring?

    We recommend bringing sunscreen, insect repellent, biodegradable or natural shampoo and soap, and a camera. It’s important to bring all of your medications and prepare for any issues or allergies accordingly. Don’t forget your enthusiasm!

  4. What should I wear?

    We highly recommend insect shield clothing, long sleeves, and pants that are breathable.

  5. Wo ist das nächste Krankenhaus?

    We are located three hours away from the Iquitos hospital.

  6. Do I need to get any vaccines prior to my trip?

    The Grand Amazon Lodge and communal reserve has blackwater, which is free of the mosquitoes that carry malaria and zika. However, Iquitos and the surrounding areas have mosquitos that may carry those diseases, so consult with a travel doctor or your physician for any type of treatment that you may need.

  7. Is traveler’s insurance recommended?

    Yes! You should always prepare for the unexpected such as flight delays, cancellations, and getting sick.

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We hope these Amazon Jungle FAQs help you plan your vacation with us! We want to make sure you have an adventure of a lifetime while also remaining safe, so please let us know if we can do anything to make your stay more comfortable. If you have any other Amazon travel and tour questions, kontaktiere uns today.