Become an Amazonian Tour Package

Day 1

Ankunft – 7:00 am and 3:00 pm pick up at Iquitos airport, or at 11:00am from your Iquitos Hotel by one of our friendly and experienced guides that is dedicated to you and will modify the intinerary to your ability and interests. 

Visit CREA – the largest wildlife rehabilitation center in Iquitos featuring manatees, various monkeys, giant river otters, yellow-spotted turtles, sometimes sloths and macaws, and many other animals. The visit will depend on your time of arrival.

Getting to Grand Amazon Lodge – An hour and half drive and one hour boat ride on the Amazon river to reach the lodge where you will be greeted by a jungle refreshment. Settle into your private, river-view bungalow with bathroom, balcony, and a hammock. 

Afternoon Excursion – Hike or a boat ride exploring the enormous number of animals and vegitation all around, from monkeys to birds, from dolphines to sloths. 

Abendessen – Enjoy a delicious Peruvian/international dinner made by our excellent chef in our beautiful octagonal dining room with the canoe bar and a lounge.

Night Excursion – You will be taking a boat ride or a night hike to see nocturnal animals such as caimans, bats, frogs, nocturnal birds, and the night monkey.

Day 2

Energetic Breakfast.

Morgenausflug – Hike one of our 10 trails and learn about medicinal and indstrial plants. Look for the smallest of the monkeys – the pigmy marmaset, capuchins and titi monkeys. You are bound to encounter some birds and other creatures like lizards, iquanas and butterflies.

Fantastic Lunch.

Afternoon Excursion – Take a boat ride up the Yanayacu river or explore one of the 10 lakes around us looking for wildlife such as brown capuchins, squirrel monkeys and howler monkeys, and hundreds of species of birds like macaws, toucans, horned screamers, and varieties of kingfishers and hawks. Enjoy a beautiful sunset over lake Moena.

Delicious Dinner.

Night Excursion – Enjoy a boat ride or night hike to search for nocturnal creatures. If you prefer, you can also relax at the canoe bar or in your private bungalow.

Day 3

Energetic Breakfast.

Morgenausflug – choose between canoeing, fishing, swimming with the dolphines, hiking another one of the trails or sail one of the lagoons in the area. and learn about medicinal and indstrial plants. Look for the smallest of the mokeys, the capucines and the titi monkeys. You are bound to encounter new wildlife forms and have new experiences.

Fantastic Lunch.

Afternoon Excursion – choose from a variety of activities or explore new areas to find new wildlife. Visit the amazonian village of San Juan de Yanayacu.

Delicious Dinner.

Night Excursion – Enjoy a boat ride or night hike to search for nocturnal creatures. If you prefer, you can also relax at the canoe bar or in your private bungalow.

Day 4

Enjoy Breakfast.

Day Excursion – explore a different ecosystem with its unique birds trees and beautiful, coloreful poisonous frogs in Terra Firma area.

Picknick Lunch.

Visit a Rum factory – on the Amazon river bank where you will se how they make variety of rums from sugar cane and get to taste some.

Enjoy Dinner in der Lodge.

Night excursion – Looking for some more night life, or watching the amazing stars, or relaxing at the canoe bar, lounge or your room.

Day 5-11

  • Enjoy Breakfast in der Lodge.                                                     
  • Morning excursion: you can choose out of the many activities we offer that you may have not done yet. Maybe you haven’t gone fishing or canoeing. You may have seen some monkey species but maybe not seen the Titi monkey. Also, you may have seen squirrel monkeys, but maybe not while they are playing or eating, and have you seen a bird in action catching a fish? There is much to see in the Amazon rainforest, and if you enjoy nature this is not a bad place to spend another day or more in.                               
  • Enjoy lunch in der Lodge.                                                               
  • Afternoon excursion: Choose another trail or another lake to explore. With over 10 lakes and 8 trails there is quite a lot to explore. Even if you visit a place one day, you may find new animals in it in another day or a different time of day.
  • Enjoy Dinner in der Lodge.                                                            
  • Night excursion: Boat ride or night hike to search for nocturnal creatures. You can also relax at the canoe bar, play cards in the living space, or enjoy your private bungalow.

Last Day

Enjoy Breakfast.

Morgenausflug – Take a boat ride to see the Victoria Amazonica – the largest lily in the world, and the Hoatzin birds. 

Enjoy Lunch.

Back to Iquitos – One-hour boat ride with chance to see the gray and pink dolphines to San Joaquin, and then an hour and half car ride back to Iquitos airport or an hotel, arriving around 4:00pm. (For those needing to catch an earlier flight, the last day plan can be shortened, and the earliest we can make it back to Iquitos airport is 10:00 am to catch a 12:00 pm flight.) 

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With more time you will be able to do more, like going fishing, or riding a canoe, or searching for the Pink Dolphins, or visiting the Amazonian village. The more time you spend the more chance to see more of the wildlife in the region – more than 10 species of monkeys, more than 600 species of birds and numerous other animals. You may increase your chance of observing animals in actions like seeing birds catching fish and monkeys play. You may have more chance to see a sloth or a capybara or the endangered watteled currasaw or the beautiful uranium moth.