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Grand Amazon Tours

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Grand Amazon Lodge & Tours

Located 150 km (90 miles) up the Amazon River from  Iquitos, Peru.              

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Amazon River and Rainforest Tours

Each of our Iquitos, Peru vacation packages comes with the opportunity to go on one of our renowned Amazon River tours. You can immerse yourself in serene nature, viewing wildlife from a boat! Our Amazon River tours cover pristine rainforest and wildlife experiences. You’ll be able to spot unique animals and creations such as pink dolphins and medicinal trees.

Grand Amazon Lodge

One of the advantages of taking our Amazon River tour is that you can start or end your day at our celebrated river-front lodge—the Grand Amazon Lodge. The lodge’s office address is: Calle Union 205, P.J. 9 de Octubre, Belen, Maynas, Loreto, Peru. It’s located 150 km (90 miles) up the Amazon River from Iquitos, Paraiso, Loreto, Peru. Coordinates are -4.31485, -73.302.

Nestled in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, our environmentally-friendly built lodge is surrounded by natural and serene surroundings. Each room is river-front, so you’ll be able to truly take advantage of all the sights and tranquil environment. You can also easily enjoy a rainforest adventure on foot right outside your room and see rare animals such as owl monkeys at night.

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